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Shelby, NC Wedding Destination

Are you seeking an affordable and attractive wedding venue outside of the hustle and bustle of your busy town or city? Carolina Event & Conference Center may be the wedding destination for you. Only a short drive (approximately 20 minutes) from downtown Shelby, it is only a matter of miles away from you and your guests, but miles above in quality compared to similar Shelby area venues.

While there are numerous wedding venues in Shelby, they are often comparatively more expensive than an equal and often more elaborate wedding event held in a small town venue such as the CECC. Holding your wedding in an area outside of the city has many benefits including:

  • Less traffic for wedding party and guests to contend with
  • No inconveniences like parking availability or having to pay to park
  • Slower paced environment brings the focus onto your special event
  • No 'who's next?' mentality often found in tightly scheduled venues
  • The flexibility of indoor/outdoor space, with natural surroundings
  • Beautiful views & scenery inherent to the  foothills of western NC
  • Catering & other services available at a fraction of the cost
  • Nearby lodging & restaurants - on par in quality but competitively priced
  • Proximity to nearby attractions such as scenic Lake Lure and the Blue Ridge Parkway

You will not find in an urban venue the level of personal assistance, delicate attention to detail, elegant and inspiring surroundings, masterful culinary displays, and other important features at such a reasonable price as you will find at CECC. Contact us today to learn more about our wedding event services - a perfect match for nearby Shelby, NC residents.

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